Success stories with SFI No. 1

From the Desk of Melvin Banzuela Vibar

3 years & 10 hrs ago via Facebook ·

"Today is my third year anniversary in SFI . Special thanks to my Sponsor, Mr Scott Laing , from Canada for posting that ads that led me to join this awesome opportunity and to thousands of Team Leaders and Affiliate around the world who help me achieved my GOAL by building their own SFI business . And Thank you SFI for helping millions of people around the world achieved their dreams . . . . .To my Filipino Team member's, this is the proof that you are looking for . In SFI we do not promise big income but if we will work together we can help each other change our lives . . . Working abroad is not the only way to earn substantial income, we can earn dollars while enjoying our life with our family . . . . ."

Melvins 3 yr anniversary



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