Why I love to blogging.

It’s an outlet for me to share my inner most thoughts and my most ridiculous, wouldn’t-share-with-anything-else thoughts. 
It’s served as a personal account of my journey at times and has given me something to look back at when I want to see where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how I’ve gotten here. 
It’s helped me accept myself and value who I am as I’ve processed my struggles.

The flexibility of being able to work anywhere with an internet connection is amazing. I can extend weekend trips into the work week as long as I have my computer with me; 
I can explore different coffee shops; and I can take my “office” to the Boston Public Library and sit outside in the courtyard (it’s gorgeous). On the flip side, I can also go absolutely nowhere and work from my apartment, or even my bed, which can be equally amazing.


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