What Will Internet Marketing Be Like In 100 Years?

The Internet is the first medium invented in 100 years that wasn't invented to make advertisers happy. The connection between running ads and making money is broken, probably forever.As soon as you take that out of the equation, everything we understand about marketing, manufacturing, distribution--it all goes away. 

The new era of modern marketing is about the connection economy, it's about trust, it's about awareness, it's about the fact that attention is worth way more than it used to be. Attention doesn't come in nice little bundles anymore.

Think of your marketing and lead generation activities and channels from a big-picture perspective, not as individual silos working independently of, or worse, competing with each other. Use them to boost each other. Include your social media and website URLs on your printed marketed materials. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. 

Use email marketing to drive repeat traffic to your site. Use your website and blog to encourage social media follows.

Now, I realize that you’re a startup business. But your first step with a marketing plan is to figure out the best description of your customer that you can. Get specific. Don’t worry about excluding anybody. When you target one person you’ll pick up outliers. If you target everybody you’ll pick up nobody because your marketing will feel vague and impersonal.


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