What is Google+?

Before its launch, there have been a lot of talks generated by Google+, mostly because it is from Google itself, the kind in search engine. Since then it has become an integral part of many social media campaigns.

Google+ is a social layer or network launched by Google back in July 2011 for limited testing. Users are able to configure and create circles to categorize people they are connected with into different groups, as a way of reproducing their real-life relationships.

Google+ has a number of cutting edge features, which include Hangouts, which is a multi-person video chat. Users can start a Hangout with any of existing Circles. Another great feature is Sparks, which basically enables a user to locate specific items of interest based on web-based topics.

Several months after it’s launched, Google+ was able to amass 40 million registered users, which is almost one third that of LinkedIn’s 135 million members. Despite its growth, it is far from surpassing Facebook, but the figures are certainly not to be ignored.


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