Things I do to beat writer's block.

Keep in touch with anything. I don't suggest doing this regularly, however in the event that you're truly battling and need to get your piece composed, simply get something ­– anything – down on the page. 

It doesn't make a difference if it's terrible, or syntactically inaccurate, or brimming with grammatical errors. 

Release a sentence and work in reverse. I now and again observe that it's less demanding to alter and modify an awful passage than specialty a decent one on the principal attempt.

Do I need to get the hero out of a trap? Can't think of anything - the hero grows a third arm, which allows him to swim thorough walls - and I go with it. 

I won't use it in the final draft, but it gets me thinking creatively, and that often lets me jump tracks back into real story mode once I get going.


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