SnapChat Why Not ?

Just like any other social media platform, Snapchat has a provision of adding friends via phone contacts and usernames. This is called synchronization. The ability to add friends is made a lot easier through the ‘Add Nearby’ function or customization snap-codes that allow users to link up with their contacts that are available on other social media platforms that they might already have. Unlike numerous common social media platforms, the intention of Snapchat was to counteract the norm in which social media users were forced to deal with an idealized social media identity of themselves; which was described as having denied internet users the ability to enjoy their communications in social media.

Another interesting feature of Snapchat application is the ‘Memories’ feature that was introduced in July 2016. This feature was perhaps the one last component that was lacking in the application to make it absolutely perfect. Since the introduction of this feature, Snapchat users are now able to save story posts and snaps into private storage areas. As such, these images and short videos can be viewed remotely together with other snaps that are stored in the device. In addition to that, these snaps can be edited and most importantly published again in order to be re displayed in Snapchat.

In addition to being able to save previous snaps using Snapchat, one is also able to search the saved content by their dates or with the help of an object recognition system. Those snaps that are made accessible through ‘Memories’ can also be locked and a ‘My Eyes Only’ area. One ought to note that this option is made available for users who seek to save snaps but also keep them out of reach of other people that might have access to their devices. When locked, these stored saps can only be accessed after keying in a PIN that is set by the original user of the application. According to the brains behind the Snapchat application stated that the idea of

‘Memories’ as a feature of Snapchat was inspired by the common practice of people having to physically scroll through their photos in their phones with a bid to show them to their friends.


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