Here's a simple trick to help you in in video advertising.

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One must understand that uploading a video file to a YouTube channel with relevant tags, description and the keyword-rich title is not sufficient to get a decent viewership for it. You may create excellent animated videos in minutes using video creation tools or hire professionals to do the job for you, but without proper marketing and positioning, the end objective may not get fulfilled.

If you need a strategy to increase revenue immediately, a YouTube ad may not be enough on its own to take viewers straight to a sale. This will depend heavily on your industry and what you’re selling, however. Lead pages has a ton of features that we can’t easily fit into a 20-second space. But if, for instance, you’re making a video advertising an easy-to-demonstrate tech gadget or an app, you may well be able to lead people directly to a sales page with terrific results.

One of the main advantages of YouTube, is that your video will be included in Google and YouTube search results. Each video you create is a piece of inbound marketing content that will help you sell for years to come.  You can also use YouTube videos on your own website to help communicate the benefits of your products.

YouTube has recently released YouTube Cards, which allow viewers to interact with our videos, even on mobile devices.This is actually pretty cool. I’ve been a fan of YouTube annotations, but the big Achilles heel has been that they don’t work on mobile, where a huge percentage of views happen. Now, YouTube is offering Cards, which do work on mobile.


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