Free online keyword tools.

Google keyword tool used to be a favorite keyword research tool among digital marketers and SEOs. But in recent years, Google has reduced the amount of keyword data available to people in Keyword Planner as well as with Google Analytics.

So why is developing a keyword strategy necessary?  Search engine optimization is designed specifically around making it easier for internet users to locate information that is relevant to their search queries.   Because Google’s search algorithm is not at the level of artificial intelligence (yet), one of the primary ways in which it is able to determine whether your website content is relevant when searched for is through the use of keywords.

Google’s Keyword Planner has become a hassle for new users to set up since it now requires having an AdWords account. But it is still the preferred choice for keyword research, and it is good to get the data right from the source. You can use Keyword Planner to compare terms, get new content ideas, explore topical categories, monitor seasonality and compare desktop vs. mobile, among other tasks.


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