Configuring and Optimizing Yours Facebook Page.

You need to start seriously thinking about some things. You need to optimize your Facebook page. This site is better optimized for search machine.

Add content. Include key information such as website links, location, business hours, and photos/products/menus so people will have a general idea what your business is all about. Focus on providing brief but engaging information under Info tab. Think SEO and use keywords since each tab can be indexed by search engines.

Power Tip: If you will key in your website URL starting with http:// in the info box right under the profile picture, Facebook will automatically turn it into a clickable link. This will allow you to conveniently refer visitors to your website, twitter account or company blog.

Claim your place. Connect your Facebook Page to your physical store location people can find you as well as check in.

Invite your customers. Invite current customers to like your page. You can send out newsletters, advertise in your website, post links, or promote in-store through flyers, etc.

Power Tip: The efficient way to set up your Facebook Page and add existing clients is to create a separate Gmail account for your Facebook account. Import the email addresses of your clients there. When you create your Facebook Page, the system will automatically find your clients from your address book and suggest them as your friends.

Add the “LIKE” button in your website. To effectively promote your Facebook page, add the like button in your website and blogs so people can engage with your Page as well as share it with their own network.


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